Our Story

Does your dog find it difficult to jump into the car? Has you dog had surgery and he has temporarily lost some mobility? You could make your dog and your life a lot easier if you got a dog ramp.

I have a big Rottweiler called Nina, she is getting on in age now, she is 11 years old. She still loves going for long walks, as soon as she hears the car keys she is ready to go, unfortunately she is not as nimble as she once was and I have had to lift her up into the car, as you can imagine this is not an easy task and one I cannot continue doing. So I was faced with a choice, I could stop taking her out for long walks or find an alternative to lifting her into the car.

Well I was never going to stop her doing what she loves so the choice was simple, I started to look for a solution and to my surprise I found a massive choice of dog ramps, dog ramps for all sorts of problems.

I discovered that there are requirements that should be considered when buying a ramp. I learned all about the weight rating of the ramp and the weight of the dog. The dog ramp should be able support twice the weight of the dog in order to be completely safe for them. Dog ramps are made from a whole different variety of materials so you will need to understand what functions they serve the best. This way you can pick the correct material for what you are trying to accomplish for your dog. Length is another important factor to consider and how the ramp will be used. You want the dog ramp long enough to do what it is purchased for. It should be easy to use and store away. The ramp needs to be durable so it lasts longer.

Some dog ramps are made out of a single piece of material four to five feet long. These shorter ramps can be used for side entry into a vehicle, where the height from the ground is not that great. This type of dog ramp may be difficult to store in some vehicles and may be best suited for short trips where your dog does not get out of the car. You can leave the ramp at home close to your driveway or in your garage.

Many dog ramps for cars or boats are usually around six feet long, creating a reasonable slope for most dogs to negotiate. If your dog is having a lot of difficulty with walking, there are some extra long ramps that are around seven feet long. These dog ramps can be folded or are telescopic for easy storage.

I have tested quite a few in my time with Nina, I felt it was important that she liked the ramp too and I have to say that we both agreed that the two we liked best were the PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp. and the Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp.

They ticked all the boxes for us!